Sirasa CIMA Spell Master 2012

How the last year (2011) Spell master worked..

The students had to first sit a dictation round. Those who passed this test (pass rate is based on the numbers who have the highest marks in a particular area) then moved in to the next stages of the competition, 50 competitions were held in 22 districts.
The 2000 spellers had to participate in oral rounds. These competitions were held provincially in the nine provinces, and a total of 28 competitions were conducted.
From 2000, numbers were pruned down to 250. The 250 came down to the Top 20 contestants in five competitions, which were held at the TV Studio. Once the Top 20 were determined, eight competitions were held and two contestants were eliminated at every competition till there were only four contestants left.
These four finalists had to then battle it out at the Grand Finals, which were held on 12 September 2011, where the winner was determined.
The Spellmaster competition is organized by CIMA in partnership with Sirasa TV, a leading national TV channel in Sri Lanka.

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